Sexual Pain. Why does this happen? How to Solve it!

Posted by Bonnie Gaye on 9/27/2017 to Sexual Pain
Sexual Pain.  Why does this happen?   How to Solve it!
Pain during sexual intercourse is more common that you might think and causes can vary a lot from woman to woman. 65% of women in post menopause will experience sexual pain at some point. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do about it and it doesn’t mean that once sex hurts it will always be this way.

Let’s explore some of the causes of sexual pain.


Cervix problems, such as infection, can cause pain at deep penetration. 

Endometriosis, a disease that many women suffer from but few of them are aware of its existence, causes not only sexual pain but also painful menstruation or chronic cramps menstruation-like very often. Endometriosis is a condition in which the tissue that lines the uterus grows outside the uterus. If any of these symptoms sounds familiar to you, please check with your doctor as soon as possible.

Vaginal atrophy, a condition where the vaginal lining thins, the tissue becomes exposed, and the muscles atrophy from lack of use. This condition can be highly painful and will affect at least 65% of women in post menopause.

Problem with ovaries, like cysts on the ovaries may cause sexual pain.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) when the tissues deep inside become badly inflamed and the pressure of intercourse causes deep pain.

Sexual transmitted diseases – you should test yourself for those at least once a year to make sure you are ok, even if you only have one partner.

Injury from vulva or vagina – they can be caused by childbirth, for example.


Most common causes of sexual pain are physical causes and not necessary medical ones, like diseases in infections. Lack of lubrication causing vaginal dryness is the most common of them.

Why is your vagina dry? Causes can vary but usually this might happen due to:

-Menopause. In menopause, your body produces a lot less estrogen, the hormone which helps create lubrication. Often, you can feel very dry causing pain during intercourse and even when you are not sexually active;

-Fear of sex. If sex hurt once and you are afraid now it might hurt again, it makes it difficult to focus on feeling pleasure which makes it difficult to create lubrication to have more pleasurable sex. Your mind and body work together and if your mind is not feeling it your body won’t either.

-Low-libido: If you have lost the desire to have sex, your libido is low. Many times, you may even stop having sex because you don’t “feel in the mood” or you associate having sex with pain which turns you off. 

-Hormone imbalance. If your hormones are not balanced (which could be caused by what you eat, stress level, lifestyle, age, menopause, body changes) chances are you may experience sexual pain. This may not be your only symptom. Work with someone who can help you make positive changes to help correct these issues. 


Address whatever is the cause for your challenges. Make sure to treat the problem. Don’t just cover it up with a band-aid because that will make the situation worse long term. 

Regardless of your condition, one thing is true: if sex hurts it is very likely you simply are not lubricated enough. Here is the good news… I have an amazing tip for you that helped me solve my challenges with painful penetration in post menopause.

If you aren’t lubricated enough naturally, make sure you use a healthy lubricant that won’t cause more problems because of toxic ingredients. Pay attention to what you buy because most lubricants on the market are full of toxins and chemicals and they can do more harm than good. I recommend Sex Butter which you can find out more about here. 

I worked with a microbiologist to create this product for myself when I was diagnosed with vaginal atrophy and told to have sex more often and use lube by my doctor. While I was using it and healing I met a Cancer survivor who was unable to have any form of penetration due to her chemotherapy treatments five years prior (and she was married). 

When I found out what she was going through I sent her my cream to try. I received a phone call after she had used it only once and was not feeling the vaginal pain she had felt for the past 5 years. She continued to use it twice a day for a week, until she was ready to try to have sex. They finally consummated and connected for the first time in five years. This was the impetus for me to realize Sex Butter was needed by many and that I needed to make it available for sale.

I know how it feels to walk around in pain… ALL THE TIME. I felt broken and frustrated. Nothing made me feel comfortable or relief until I started using Sex Butter. Sex Butter is a vegan, paraben-free, glycerin-free, petroleum-free, GMO-free, dairy-free, silicon-free, gluten-free balm and does not contain any dyes, harsh ingredients or sweeteners. 

Because I want everyone who needs Sex Butter to be able to buy it and feel good using it, I’m offering a discount off your first purchase. This is the product I used along with a crystal yoni egg to heal my vaginal atrophy. For your 15% discount, use code: StopPain

Another good way to stretch your vagina and assure a good blood flow is to practice with a Yoni Egg so you can awaken the muscles and tissues in your vagina that might be numb and increase the blood flow in those areas. Yoni Egg is a crystal shaped like an egg and it was used for centuries to help women with sexual problems. Exercising with a yoni egg awakens the tissues, organs, and muscles, promotes new nerve growth, and increases overall sensitivity in the vagina, helping women to experience better sexual pleasure.

If you’re new to the crystal yoni egg concept, please visit this site (and you really should!) and use my discount code: Pandora10

Let me know what you tried and how it worked for you! I know what a difference it makes when you’re not feeling pain especially during times when you should be feeling pleasure!

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