Vaginal Atrophy & Sexual Pain

Posted by Bonnie Gayle on 2/1/2017 to Vaginal Atrophy
Vaginal Atrophy & Sexual Pain

I never realized how much sex could hurt until I found out I had vaginal atrophy.

Prior to that day, as far as I knew everything was fine with my body. That day changed me forever. As I started talking to women about what I was going through and how much pain I was in, nobody could relate. Not even my mother.

My biggest challenge by far was vaginal dryness and lack of sexual desire. When I describe the pain the best way I can put it is that I felt "as dry as the desert". I was so dry, I avoided walking around too much because it was painful. Back in the day, women were prescribed hormone replacement therapy before they even experienced symptoms of menopause. This is the main reason why women weren't experiencing a lot of the challenges they are today in menopause.At the age of 41, a traumatic event in my life threw me into menopause overnight. At the time, menopause and the side effects that come from it weren't even on my radar. In fact, I had no idea that menopause could cause my vagina to feel so dry that even walking around was painful let alone even thinking about penetration.Finally, I got myself to the doctor. I was told I had vaginal atrophy and was in peri-menopause. The doctor told me to use lube and have sex more often to remedy the vaginal atrophy. I thought using a lubricant would be helpful but having sex? Not so much right then because even the thought of it terrified me. All I could imagine was more pain and that didn't make me want to have sex and definitely didn't add to me feeling sexy either.I started researching lubricants and I was in shock at the time. Health and wellness were my thing at the time and I hadn't realized the toxicity of many of the ingredients that were in lubricants.

  • Propylene Glycol - One of the main ingredients in antifreeze. Can cause women to experience tissue irritation and skin irritation.**
  • Glycerin - Can cause skin dryness over time and make it more prone to absorbing harmful chemicals. Glycerin has been shown to be toxic to sperm and it is also a sugar, so can cause Candida (yeast infections). Should be avoided by women prone to thrush.*
  • Gluconolactone - Can irritate skin and eyes.*
  • Chlorhexidine digluconate - Can cause cellular mutations.*
  • Petroleum or Petroleum based ingredients - coats your skin so it cannot breathe and interferes with normal functions. Possible health conditions linked including cancer.**
  • Silicone or Silicone based ingredients - coats your skin inhibiting it's normal functions. Also called dimethicone and methyl polysiloxane.
  • Parabens - Exposure has been associated with the proliferation of breast cancer cells in the lab. Irritating to skin and may cause contact allergies.*

We've only just you can see where I'm going with this. A lot of toxic ingredients in lubricants that would have been harmful and could have even made matters even worse had I not done the research.

What I was looking for wasn't in existence at the time. So, I worked with a microbiologist to create it. I didn't even name it because it was for me.

Initially, I was just thinking about myself. Nobody I had talked with (and I talked with a lot of women at the time) could relate to what I was going through. Not only that, they didn't really want to hear about how I was walking around in pain all the time which made matters worse for me. I thought I was broken because I was the only one suffering like this.

Then one day I met a Cancer survivor and we got to talking. She had treatments of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer 5 years prior and was unable to have any form of penetration since. She was in excruciating vaginal pain. The way she described it was that she always felt like she had a UTI (urinary tract infection) and it was extremely uncomfortable. I felt for her big time and shared my story and the product I had made.

I sent her some of my product to try and told her to only use a little each day for a week. The day after she received it, I got a call where she was crying in joy. After using my cream she was able to walk around pain free for the first time since her chemotherapy. I told her to keep using it and not to have penetration until the week was over.

Guess what happened next?

I got a call from the couple thanking me for saving their marriage! That was the inspiration, making me realize there was a bigger purpose for my organic lubricating / libido enhancing product which I eventually named, Sex Butter.  Boudoir Butter was created shortly after when some of our clients wanted a daily moisturizer that didn't make them more sensitive when they applied it.

Sex Butter and Boudoir Butter came about out of need. Now that need is greater than ever before because more women are experiencing vaginal and sexual pain and there aren't much in the way of remedies, unless you want to take hormones. 30 Million women are suffering in silence and it's my mission to stop the suffering for those women walking around with vaginal pain or having pain during penetration. Sex Butter and Boudoir Butter have been the solution for so many.

Sex Butter and Boudoir Butter are the only lubricating products that also soothe and are made of plant-based ingredients that have been used to improve and repair all kinds of skin irritations and conditions.

* [Source] Ecologist October 2007


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